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Imagine with INSTALLUX the uses and features of tomorrow’s gate!


Who are we?

At Installux, we are committed to meeting the expectations and requirements of aluminium joinery manufacturers and their customers. Faced with the uniqueness of each project, we offer adaptable and customisable products, so that they can be integrated in the best possible way. Our products meet the needs of both individual housing and collective construction. Because aesthetics is an essential dimension for many consumers, Installux markets quality products with a well thought-out design.


In a team of 2 to 5, imagine the uses of tomorrow’s gate and the next features it will provide us and our home. How can we make the “smart” portal an essential component of our lives?

Whether it is swinging, sliding, telescopic, butterfly… whatever the kinematics of the gate, let’s talk about uses!

Unlike windows or doors, the gate is not yet an essential part of the house. You can’t live with a hole in your wall but you can live without a gate.

Today the gate is used to open and close a house, it delimits a property and protects it. What if your gate provided you with new functionalities that will make your life easier?

With the Installux’s project “To the Gate” remove the gate from its primary function and turn it into an essential component of our lives.


Environmental Theme

Today, the eco-friendly and sustainable dimension is no longer an option for our homes. How can tomorrow’s gate help us become autonomous? On which external elements can it rely?

For instance, what if the gate collected nature’s energy (wind, rain, sun…) and redistributed it? What if it became a source of energy? What if it collected rainwater to supply your house or garden?

It is up to you to find an innovative solution that will turn the Installux gate into a central element of our environmental efforts!

Design Theme

The gate is the visual signature of a house. It is the first thing we see when we arrive and the last when we leave. The gate sets the tone, it symbolizes the personality of the owners and must be in harmony with the general design of the house.

But a portal is frozen in time while tastes, fashions and seasons change.

For instance: What if the gate became a chameleon? What if it adapted to the colors of each season to become a valorizing element of the home?

It’s up to you to design the gate of tomorrow. An innovative design that adapts to the seasons, to the personalities of its owners… Rethink the hyper-customization of tomorrow’s gate. It’s up to you to create the “Wow” effect before you even enter the house!

Digital & Connected Theme

How can you create an smart gate? How can it serve the needs of good living, well-being, security and energy savings? What will be the next features of the connected gate? How can IoT and digital technology turn the gate into an essential tool for the home? Think about the needs and expectations of new consumers in terms of home automation, neighborhood, security…

For instance, what if your future gate had an artificial intelligence? What would it do? Imagine the next in-app or mobile app for your gate? What if your gate could give you information about your day, your house, your neighborhood…?

It’s up to you to imagine innovative solutions thanks to digital, connected objects (IoT), AI… to turn the Installux’s portal into an intelligent tool that will make our daily lives easier.






Discover the jury

On December 13th, 2022, the finalists will be invited to the Installux headquarters to pitch their projects to the company’s top management!

(Transportation costs covered for finalists studying in France)